Hans Trapp - Noël en Alsace

Meet Hans Trapp at the Wissembourg parade
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Hans Trapp is a unique local version of the famous Father Whipper. Have you heard the legend of Hans von Trotha of Wissembourg? Let's hear it together, we'll meet at the night parade!

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See the Christmas night parade

Drummers and fire jugglers set the mood before the legendary Hans Trapp makes his appearance. There he is, an imposing figure with a thick beard and black jacket. He asks the children if they have been good this year. Watch out, his sleigh is ready to take naughty children with him into the dark forest…

The atmosphere changes when Christkindel appears, bringing his light and magic. Fireworks mark the grand finale of the night parade. This is a rare sight in the Christmas markets in Alsace: we open our eyes wide so as not to miss a single spark.

Taking part in the parade
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Wissembourg, its legends and Christmas market

The legend of Lord Hans von Trotha dates back to the 14th century. Accused by the monks of illegally acquiring Berwartstein Castle, the owner decided to take revenge. He dammed the stream and flooded Wissembourg! We understand a bit more why he was terrorising the inhabitants. To tell the truth, his creepy aura is still disturbing today.

Let's keep up hope: if we see Hans Trapp, it means St. Nicholas, his donkey Peckeresel, and Christkindel are not far away. And all you need to do is take a stroll through the Christmas market to be surrounded by magic once again. After the legends, it's time for some traditional know-how: from chalet to chalet, you’ll only find high-quality, handcrafted items!

Discover the Christmas market
Le conseil de Liesel


Berwartstein Castle is still open to visitors today. It’s just a 25-minute drive from Wissembourg across the German border and into the Palatinate Forest. Wow, what a beautiful forest! We can also take a mountain bike ride around Berwartstein Castle: sounds good to me, how about you?


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Étal de marché de Noël - Alsace©Max Coquard - Best Jobers
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