Strasbourg - No√ęl¬© Lois Moreno - ADT
© Lois Moreno - ADT
A gourmet experience & a good cause

Everything you need to know about the starred soup
at Strasbourg's
Christmas Market
Experience 17

What does soup from a Michelin-starred chef taste like? To find out, come savour the soups made by 4 great Alsatian chefs for the Starred Soup operation. Eating a spiced and solidary Christmas soup is quite an experience!

Soupe √©toil√©e march√© de No√ęl - Strasbourg - Alsace¬© Lois Moreno - ADT

The Starred Soup, delicious and for a good cause

We arrive at Kléber Square and seeing the giant Christmas tree gives us a few goosebumps. How about a quick selfie? Lured by the aromas, we head into to the Sharing Village.

A soup concocted by a Michelin-starred chef is an appetising concept. Every week, a different chef serves up a new soup at the Christmas market. One soup a week? The perfect excuse to come and warm up while sharing a moment with other foodies.

With our soup, we're supporting the Humanis Collective, its integration projects, and its various partner associations. Nothing like good flavours to spread a wonderful message!

There are lots of other associations in the stands under the tree, for a collective and fair-trade Christmas.

The Sharing Village
© Lois Moreno - ADT

A delectable journey to the land of the Starred Soup, 2023 edition

Carrot, pumpkin, mushrooms, or split pea: the 4 new soups for 2023 sound divinely delicious!

Discover the Michelin-starred chefs and their mouth-watering soups for the 11th edition:

  • Pascal BASTIAN ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ (Auberge du Cheval Blanc - Lembach): Pumpkin velout√© with parmesan
  • Alexis ALBRECHT ‚ėÖ Alexis Albrecht ‚ėÖ (Au Vieux Couvent - Rhinau): Mushroom velout√© with Riesling and spiced croutons
  • Romain CREUTZMEYER (Le Colbert - Strasbourg) : Cream of carrot soup with red curry and coconut milk
  • David DEGOURSY ‚ėÖ (de:ja - Strasbourg) : Cream of split pea soup with cocoa butter
The 2023 edition
Le conseil de Liesel


Find your inspiration in the recipe book of the previous editions of the Starred Soup, a charity event since 2013!

Put on your chef's hat


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Serving the soup

Another way to support the cause and enjoy the experience!

Be a volunteer
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© B. Salmanski - ADT

Enter in the wonderful world of the gingerbread of Alsace

Palais du pain d'épices - Gertwiller© B. Salmanski - ADT
© Lois Moreno - ADT

Gourmet escapades surrounded by the magic of Christmas in Alsace

Expériences 14-15-17-18© Lois Moreno - ADT
©Max Coquard - Best Jobers

A traditional new year's eve at the Alsace Ecomuseum

No√ęl √† l¬í√Čcomus√©e¬©Max Coquard - Best Jobers

Create your own advent wreath

Fabrication couronne de l'Avent - Alsace©Nis&For
©OTSI Alsace du Nord - ADEAN

Soak up the traditions and legends of Northern Alsace

No√ęl √† Haguenau en Alsace¬©OTSI Alsace du Nord - ADEAN
@Vianney MULLER

A Christmas tale come to life

Expériences 13-19-23-21@Vianney MULLER
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5 magical places for a traditional Christmas

No√ęl √† l'√Čcomus√©e - Alsace¬©La Focale de Soultz
©Max Coquard - Best Jobers

Alsace has everything for an incredible journey

Dreaming of Alsace
√Čtal de march√© de No√ęl - Alsace¬©Max Coquard - Best Jobers
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