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Symbols and traditions

From the end of November onwards, ancestral rituals and traditions set the heart of all Alsace beating faster! This is a region where a rich palette of special customs are perpetuated, where people love to get together, where homes buzz with the preparations for Christmas and everyone awaits the best of festivals with excitement.

Décoration de Noël©Emmanuel VIVERGE
©Emmanuel VIVERGE

Christmas in Alsace, a marvellous story

Alsace has been watching over the Christmas spirit for centuries, to ensure that you can share in it and enjoy it to the full for a long time to come. Give in to temptation!


Age-old traditions

Saint-Nicolas©Emmanuel Viverge

Meet the legendary characters of Christmas in Alsace

Enter the world of the fabulous and enchanting characters of an Alsatian Christmas. St Nicolas, Hans Trapp and Christkindel invite you to experience the most legendary of Christmases! Keep your eyes peeled, you might meet one of them when you are out and about.

Meeting them
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History, stories and storytelling evenings

Alsace carries with it a strong heritage of ancestral beliefs and traditions, and a rich and enduring folklore that lends itself to telling and retelling by the fireside. From Advent to Epiphany, take the opportunity to sit back and hear some of Alsace's best Christmas stories!

Sit back and enjoy

Magical decorations

Sapin de Noël suspendu© Ville de Sélestat

Majestic Christmas tree

The heady smell of pine, splendid in dark green, the fir tree is the king of festivities! An emblematic feature of Christmas in Alsace, where it takes pride of place on every village square and in every home.

Noël à Colmar©Nis&For

Under Alsace's finest Christmas decorations

During Advent fairy lights, light strings and illuminated decorations and Christmas tree combine to enhance the beauty of the architectural heritage. Squares and streets sparkle and twinkle, providing the ideal occasion for a magical stroll in the most settings after dark.

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