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Eguisheim Christmas market: the enchanting one

At the gateway to Colmar, there is a place that offers the perfect setting to experience the magic of Christmas in Alsace: Eguisheim. Officially labelled one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”, the medieval town fairly glows, with twinkling lights and pretty decorations galore. The centre of the village is where all the Advent festivities take place around a picturesque Christmas market.   

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  • By plane35 minutes from EuroAirport
  • By carServed by the A35
  • By train2h20 from Paris then TER
Noël à Eguisheim - Alsace©OT Eguisheim

An enchanting walk

There’s plenty to marvel at in Eguisheim. A little town packed with character, it glitters with splendour during the festive season. Its concentric alleyways naturally guide the visitor to the village centre, where the Advent festivities are in full swing at the Christmas market. Tucked away in a small square, it is irresistibly picturesque. You’ll love the arch of festive greenery at the entrance to the market - it immediately plunges you into the warm, sharing atmosphere. 30 carefully selected craftspeople and creative talents propose festive fare and handicrafts. A stone’s throw away, visit some of the many wine growers who can help you to choose the perfect wines for your festive meals. An instructive visit as well as a treat for the taste buds and a chance to indulge in some festive reverie.

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Enjoy the Advent festivities

Once you’ve visited the village and its Christmas market, why not take the time to participate in one of the many events that punctuate the Advent period in Eguisheim? The Night watchman, accompanied by an accordionist, will delight in telling you stories of Eguisheim’s secret past. Pick up a lantern and enjoy a mystical, symbolic experience following the Christkindel and his angels in the St. Lucie procession. As a family, take part in the Christmas treasure hunt. From December 1 to 24, meet in the main square for the opening of the Advent calendar.

Christmas market in Eguisheim

Coming to Eguisheim Christmas market


24 November to 23 December 2023
27 December to 30 December 2023

How to get here

Come the easy way, use the Christmas Shuttle. It runs at the weekend, from Colmar direct to Eguisheim.

There are also several car parks on the outskirts of the village.