© V. Muller - ADT
© V. Muller - ADT
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A Christmas tale come to life

From the north to the south of Alsace, the wonderful world of Christmas markets highlights local products and crafts. As a family, head off the beaten path and find events and activities to immerse all ages in the Christmas spirit. An experience filled with wonder and a chance to find your inner child.

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Marvel at the Mulhouse Christmas market

Beauty only has meaning when it's shared. Just like in the Christmas market in the town centre of Mulhouse, where every year the city decorates its most beautiful buildings with a fabric created just for the occasion. We gather in the square to share our thoughts on this monumental work and talk about the design that is dreamt up each year. Where did this colourful idea come from? About twenty years ago, the city started the tradition to commemorate Mulhouse’s status as the world capital of printed fabric during the 19th century.

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Walk through the Enchanted Forest in Altkirch

Amazement, enchantment, fantasy, and a bit of magic all come together at the Altkirch Enchanted Forest. But what is it exactly? Every year in the town centre, different scenes illustrate the tales and legends of the Pays de Sundgau. The figurative representations are so well composed that the characters and scenery seem to come alive under the subtle play of light. At bedtime, children will still be under the spell of the stories told by the guide and will fall asleep dreaming of their favourite character.

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Listen to the Christmas songs of the little sailors

The boats glide slowly along the canal, its waters reflecting the strings of Christmas lights. The children's choir softly begins to sing "Silent Night". The voices of the little sailors fill the air and spread gently along the bridges and quays of Colmar's Little Venice district. Silence is golden as the spectators enjoy this moment of grace. The singer-sailors, wearing red and white caps, are here to simply spread joy.

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Board a boat to try and save Father Christmas

Where did the elves go? Santa has lost his elves and is counting on the children to find them. Aboard an excursion boat, little crewmates will hear a Christmas tale like no other. Santa's dream team leads the investigation alongside both kids and grownups, with the boat ride on the Ill River offering a stunning setting with surprises to see. It’s a chance to admire Strasbourg in a different way, while the poetic and humorous story captures the children's imaginations.

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