Noël à Haguenau© Vincent Schneider
© Vincent Schneider

Haguenau Christmas Market: the convivial one

At the gateway to Northern Alsace, where forest and legend give Christmastime a very special resonance, there is a town that hosts a magical Christmas market: Haguenau. Its programme of activities and manageable size make it a uniquely convivial experience and one of the most renowned Christmas markets.

carte - Haguenau - Alsace
  • By plane41 minutes from Strasbourg Airport
  • By carServed by the A4 and the A35
  • By train31 min from Strasbourg
Dampfnuel au Marché de Noël de Haguenau en Alsace© Vincent Schneider

Magical decorations

To the North of Strasbourg, there is a place where people come together in spirit of sharing. Haguenau Christmas market envelops you in a gently magical atmosphere, away from the effervescence of the bigger cities. Eyes sparkle and smiles spread across faces as soon as the festive lights come on, the façades are decked out in a thousand colours and the town’s squares turn into fairytale settings. It’s a pleasure to just stroll around the streets and nooks and crannies of the town centre, all sublimely decorated and richly illuminated.

Huddled in the town centre, about fifty wooden huts cover Place de la République, Place d’Armes and Place Joseph Thierry. You can’t fail to be delighted by the variety of handicrafts and stalls enticingly piled high with sweet and savoury treats. The perfect opportunity to enjoy a mug of mulled wine and give in to a dampfnudel, a typical local speciality in the Outre-Forêt region.

Noël à Haguenau en Alsace©TMT Photo

A town in festive mode

The home of the nativity scene in Alsace, Haguenau puts on a variety of exhibitions on this theme every year. Another Alsatian Christmas tradition to discover and enjoy. Throughout the Advent period, Haguenau offers a whole host of things to do. Street theatre, concerts, Christkindel and St. Nicolas parades make for a constantly lively town centre.