Altkirch - La Forêt Enchantée© Lois Moreno - ADT
© Lois Moreno - ADT
Magical moments

Enchanted Forest and Christmas activities
in Altkirch
Experience 19

In southern Alsace, the magic of Christmas is more than just a dream: it's an experience. In Altkirch, we walk through the fairy tales, surrounded by a living story book.

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Discover the legends of the Pays de Sundgau

In the land of Christmas markets, there is one that is unlike any other. In front of Altkirch's Notre Dame Church, explore one-of-a-kind scenes with 200 characters and animals illustrating fairy tales. We get into the spirit, wandering through the backdrops, ponds, forests, and houses. The city centre is adorned with beautiful lights that bring the tales to life: we visit the Enchanted Forest after dark, of course.

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A guided tour with a passionate storyteller

Join a storytelling walk to truly immerse yourself in the tales. We rediscover well-known folk tales like Hansel and Gretel and the legend of the Golden Carp. We also listen to the marvellous legends of Sundgau and other places. The characters seem to come alive, and we feel like we're there. If kids are along for a walk, the storyteller adapts the level of detail. The kids have never been so captivated; the magic is at its peak! The whole group is enjoying this moment suspended in time.

Le conseil de Liesel


The Firefly Cave is another not-to-be-missed visit in Altkirch at Christmastime: the fairies, the universe of the Lord of the Rings, Santa's workshop, and an exhibition of model trains that will delight lovers of scale modelling. A cave full of enchantment and magic.

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The fantastic events in Altkirch

From the Artisans' Village to the outdoor ice-skating rink, Altkirch is lively and festive. We pick up some beautiful Christmas gifts made in Alsace (or we treat ourselves to something nice ♥). Then, it’s time to skate around the former wheat hall (Halle au Blé): make way for the carefree magic of Christmas! We warm up with a nice mulled wine or a crepe. Let's stay a little longer... the parade is about to start. And when are we going on the treasure hunt? Let’s head to the Tourist Office!


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A Christmas tale come to life

Vivre un conte de Noël grandeur nature en Alsace@Vianney MULLER
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Enter in the wonderful world of the gingerbread of Alsace

Palais du pain d'épices - Gertwiller© B. Salmanski - ADT
© Lois Moreno - ADT

Everything you need to know about the starred soup at Strasbourg's Christmas Market

Strasbourg - Noël© Lois Moreno - ADT
© Lois Moreno - ADT

To taste a spiced white wine in Alsace

Savourer un vin chaud gourmand au marché de Noël d'Obernai© Lois Moreno - ADT
© Lois Moreno - ADT

Gourmet escapades surrounded by the magic of Christmas in Alsace

Expériences 14-15-17-18© Lois Moreno - ADT
©Max Coquard - Best Jobers

Alsace has everything for an incredible journey

Dreaming of Alsace
Étal de marché de Noël - Alsace©Max Coquard - Best Jobers
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