Alsatian Christmas treats

The destination of choice for food lovers at any time, Alsace really puts all it’s got into its Christmas fare. From delicately spiced mulled wine to soft mannele to crunchy bredele, enjoy the many delicious treats that help to make an Alsatian Christmas the friendly, generous occasion that it is.

Bredle - Noël en Alsace ©Klaudia Iga 1


Flavoured with cinnamon, orange, aniseed, chocolate or walnuts, the huge variety of bredele echoes the generosity of the Alsatian way of life. To give them that special individual touch, everyone has their own secret recipe for these Christmas biscuits, which will have been handed down the generations.

Mannele - Saint-Nicolas - Alsace ©ART GE-Creutz 2


Try a mannele, a delicious brioche made in the shape of cute little man. Plain or with chocolate chips, they are best enjoyed with a mug of hot chocolate, a real treat for fans of all ages, who love to wolf them down!

Pain d'épices - Alsace ©Klaudia Iga 3


With dried fruit, spices, honey or a hint of citrus, Alsatian gingerbread is a firm favourite with those with a sweet tooth. Its gentle, balanced flavours will envelop you in a fug of happiness that carries you straight into the magic and generosity of an Alsatian Christmas.

Vin chaud - Alsace ©Hannah Pemberton-Unsplash 4

Mulled wine

In the midst of winter, warm up with a mulled wine and enjoy the bewitching odours! A delicious concoction which combines wine with the tart flavours of citrus fruit and a delicate mix of spices. The star of the Christmas markets, it is kept gently simmering to keep it hot and encapsulate the aromas. You won’t say no to a glass?

Préparation berewecke ©Nis&For 5


A dense cake made of dried and candied fruit macerated in fruit brandy, berawecka is nothing short of an explosion of flavours. Rich and generous like an Alsatian Christmas, this traditional cake is served in thin slices with afternoon tea or with a slice of foie gras.

Springerle ©ADT - Frédérique CLEMENT 6


Among the oldest Alsatian Christmas biscuits, springerle still have the power to instil all the nostalgia of Christmas. Flavoured with aniseed, they are decorated with raised images, as they are made in traditional moulds featuring images of daily life in days gone by. They are little works of art, perfect for hanging from the Christmas tree before nibbling them.

Foie gras ©Api&You 7

Foie gras

Foie gras is an emblematic symbol of fine Alsatian cuisine and a prestigious feature of the Christmas spread. It may be eaten cold or warm and the variations on this culinary delight are many, but it is always served with panache and elegance.