Skulptur - chocolate factory

" Open the door and plunge into the world of Skulptur... Taste the best vintages of chocolate in the world combined with the flavours of Alsace. "

In the charming Rue du Tir, you'll find this chocolate shop, a new delicatessen in Le Chambard. Named "Skulptur" and the brainchild of Olivier Nasti and his pastry chef Jordan Gasco, the shop is designed as a workshop of curiosities, where discerning taste buds can discover delicious in-house creations.

In this new laboratory dedicated to chocolate in Kaysersberg, the Alsatian chef and Jordan Gasco, trained by a master chocolatier Meilleur Ouvrier de France, embody the values of Le Chambard: listening to nature and following its rhythm, with ranges that evolve with the seasons and ephemeral creations to surprise.

Culinary pleasures and gourmet emotions accompany the discovery of the different ranges from the Chambard chocolate factory: "Tablette" (pure origin chocolate, inlaid chocolate or gourmet chocolate), "Dragée" (with caramelised almonds, grapes with Gewurztraminer marc or Berawecka), "Bonbon Ganache et Praliné" (changing with the seasons, smoked with fir wood or made with honey from the house's beehives), "Pâte de fruit", "Pâte à tartiner" and other "Dérivé" (Spritz biscuits, mendiants or orangettes...).

With a nod to the traditional skills of this Alsatian company, 'Skulptur' unveils 6 versions of a 'Kouglof gourmand' and two signature chocolates, 'Manala' (like the traditional man of the region), sweets in which vanilla marshmallow is combined with caramel or hazelnut gianduja.

Opening times and dates are subject to change depending on circumstances. Please take your precautions.

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