Theatre magic show - 13 RUE DU HASARD


Theatre magic show - 13 RUE DU HASARDA theatrical magic show written and performed by Laurent Piron, directed by Hugo Van de Plas.Do you believe in chance or fate? The sequence of events that may seem insignificant can sometimes have unexpected consequences. Laurent has become a magician. But is it really by chance?The door opens and he invites us into his home. The decor, the light and the music all contribute to creating a real atmosphere. A poetic universe in which tables fly, objects disappear and reappear as if by magic, and cut strings return to their original form. Much more than a simple sequence of tricks, it is an illustration of the events that have marked his life as a magician. But Laurent does not stop there, he defies chance and the predictive aspect of the show will convince the most hesitant.At "13 rue du Hasard", everyone finds their place, young and old alike. We are invited to participate and the interaction with the audience is constant. This is a show where magic takes on its full meaning and where chance definitely does things right.Show performed in French

Additional information
  • Duration of the visit : 1h30 min
  • Languages spoken : French
  • Prices : 4,80 - 19,40 €

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