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Africa cribs exhibition

In 2021, let's go to Africa where Christian rites and celebrations are intimately mixed with ancestral customs and beliefs. From Burkina Faso to Niger and passing through Burundi, you will be able to admire all kinds of very exotic creations.

Each year, an exhibition of cribs takes place in the church of Saints Peter and Paul and honors a country or a region. In 2021, Africa is the place to be! There, Christian rites and celebrations are intimately mixed with ancestral customs and beliefs.Burkina Faso is famous for its bronze and brass nativity scenes. These are made with lost wax and painted with bright colors. Numerous African cribs are made of various types of wood, whose sober and majestic figurines are finely carved. In Niger, it is from a soft stone, called soapstone from the Saharan massif that the Tuaregs create their cribs. One can also admire a small Congolese village made of blackened terracotta, mixed with copper slag. This is the material preferred by the Congolese for the making of cribs in any dimension, while in Burundi, the filiform metal characters are dressed in millet leaves. The cribs are from the collection of the Bethlehem Association, Muzeray in the Grand Est. This exhibition is part of the Nativity Scenes Trail of Christmas.

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