Christmas show

A Christmas for Schotzi draws from Alsatian tales and legends, with a sweet mix of masks, puppets, music and theater to tell the adventures of a little giant girl, who would like nothing more than to become a little girl. It's almost Christmas. It's cold, and everyone stays home to warm up by the fire. Everyone? No, there is Jacqueline. And her husband, Georges. And of course their little daughter Schotzi. Chased out of their castle many years ago, they are on the move and sleep mostly under the stars, in the icy cold of the snow. And it is far from being obvious every day. Oh yes, did we forget to mention that? Jacqueline, Georges and Schotzi are giants. They used to live in the Niedeck castle, but were forced to leave because of the continuous visits of unruly tourists. Schotzi has only one wish: for Christmas, she would like to be a little human too, to receive presents and to sleep by the fire, or by a radiator, she is not difficult.

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